It was only gradually that he found that the vegetation near the cave was not cleaned by people, but that nothing grew here. He didn’t care until one day after living in the cave for three months, Chen Li woke up to go out and look for something to eat and went to a stream to wash his face.

Looking at a blue spot on his face, Chen Lichu didn’t care about washing it with water for several times, only to find that the spot actually grew on his face and his hands felt as hard as a stone. Although he tried his best to get rid of this strange spot because he couldn’t get rid of it by any means, he once tried to lift it off as hard as a rock, but he finally failed because of severe pain.
After several failures, Chen Lihao faced the fact that every time he went to the stream to drink water, he tried not to look at his ugly face in the stream. So after several months, one day Chen Liyi finally found himself with that kind of blue spots, and these spots gradually became bulges and covered his body.
Angry, Chen Li smashed around in the cave like crazy, and soon the cave became the same as he had just moved in, but when Chen Li threw a broken stone into the dormitory, the dormitory made a loud bang and became angry. Chen Li didn’t care for a long time before he recovered his calm.
Tired, Chen Li slowly walked into the dormitory to get ready to lie down on the stone bed and have a good rest-but when he walked into the dormitory, a strange thing made him dumbfounded. He looked at himself lying on the stone bed and was smashed out of a big hole. Chen Li was curious and went to the mouth of the cave to look in. Before he could get close to the mouth of the cave, a pungent smell floated out.
Chen Li was busy covering his mouth and nose for a long time before he went back to the mouth of the cave and looked in, but it was dark inside and I could see nothing. I vaguely felt that this stone bed surface seemed to have a hole in the sky, and I didn’t find anything special after looking at it for a long time.
In a rage, Chen Li held up the stone he threw at him and slammed it into the stone bed. There was a crash, and the stone bed broke a big hole. Then the stone made a series of noises and seemed to roll away from the stairs.
Chen Li’s curious probe reached into the stone bed, but it was dark and he couldn’t see anything, so he looked around for some dry branches to make torches and went down the stone ladder to the stone bed.
When Chen Liju caught fire, as soon as he approached the cave, a dazzling blue light suddenly flashed into his eyes. When he came to his senses, he found that the cave was small, but the stone walls inside were full of pieces of blue stones arranged very neatly, which seemed to be put away by people.
Chen Liju was curious to look around when he turned his head to the hole, but he was startled by the situation before him.
There is a human skeleton sitting cross-legged in the ground hole. Chen Li has also led troops to fight in the war. It is reasonable to say that there is nothing to be afraid of a dead skeleton. It is this person’s skeleton that is blue in the torch, which is extremely strange and fierce. When I see such a strange scene, I will naturally be scared.
Chen Li cursed in his heart, "It’s really unlucky. I didn’t expect to sleep in a dead man’s grave during the rectified period."
Calm a mood, then said to the bones, "I don’t know if this is your shelter. If you have offended me in recent days, please ask Haihan to move out."
Chen Li was about to leave when he was about to turn around, but suddenly he found that this human bone seemed to be holding something in his hand. He walked over curiously and looked at it, only to find that it turned out to be a desire to turn away, but curiosity drove Chen Li to take it to his hand and turn the first page with a torch.
The first sentence is, "Zhang Shijie died here in the Great Song Dynasty, and he stayed here to study the magic of the Hai people. I pretend to be good and hope that the magic will be restored to half of the country."
Seeing this Chen Ideality for a long time suddenly reminds me of Zhang Shijie, who said that he had jumped into the sea at the end of the Song Dynasty and committed suicide. Now it is really surprising that Chen Li found this secret, but he can’t stop reading it. Indeed, it is Zhang Shijie who assisted some of his life and adventures after the Song Dynasty.
Chapter 45 Fu Zhu Ping Three Fingers Hand in Hand Against Strong Enemies (4)
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At the end of the Song Dynasty, the Yuan army was strong. When the Yuan army stormed Leizhou and lost the small court and moved to Yashan Mongolia, Kublai Khan ordered Jiangdong to comfort the Han people, Zhang Hongfan and Mongolia, and the marshal of the Han army gave Fang Baojian, Lieutenant Li Heng, to lead the amphibious division to the south.
After several fierce battles, Zhang Hongfan army occupied Haikou, trapped Song Jun in Yinzhou Lake and cut off Song Jun’s supply siege for several days, and decided to attack Song Jun head-on.
Zhang Hongfan soldiers attacked Song Jun on all sides. After several fierce battles, Song Jun was defeated. Lu Xiufu, the general of the Song Dynasty, committed suicide by jumping into the sea with the little emperor. Soldiers and soldiers helped the rebel army to see the emperor jump into the sea. Many people also jumped into the sea and died.
The remnants of Song Jun were hit by a hurricane near Hailing Mountain with Zhang Shijie Shun Hainan. Soldiers advised Zhang Shijie to land in Zhang Shijie Road. "Without me, the Great Song Dynasty could do this. I Zhang Shijie assisted one emperor after another and finally failed to succeed. Today, at this point, it seems that this is God’s will." Zhang Shijie just finished this sentence, and a big tide suddenly poured out of the sea and swallowed him up instantly.
After being thrown into the sea by the waves, Zhang Shijie struggled for a few times and thought to himself, "I think it is God’s will for Zhang Shijie to protect Dasong to end up like this now."
Just when he gave up the idea of survival and prepared to die, he found that something seemed to swim towards him, which made him complain. He didn’t expect to end up dead in a fish belly field. As soon as such an idea flashed in his mind, he lost consciousness.
By the time he opened his eyes again, people were already lying in a house, saying it was a house, but it looked more like a cave. Some simple wood was built in a natural cave, and the room was even more humble, almost all made of stone, which made people feel as if they were back in ancient times.
Zhang Shijie sat up and looked around and found nothing suspicious. He remembered that he had been washed into the water by the waves.
Looking at the surrounding environment, Zhang Shijie said to himself, "Shouldn’t my life in Zhang Shijie be saved?"
Thinking of this, Zhang Shijie choked back a headache and walked slowly towards the mouth of the cave. He was walking a few steps away from the mouth of the cave when he suddenly heard two people coming outside.
Hearing the footsteps, Zhang Shijie hurriedly looked on his guard. This is the only exit. At this time, it is no longer necessary to avoid each other. At this time, I don’t know whether the other party is an enemy or a friend, and I am weak. The other party is two people. When he was anxious, he suddenly found his sword near the stone wall, so he rushed to take it in his hand and turned back to the bed. He just hid his sword beside him. The footsteps have entered the cave.
Zhang Shijie, with his eyes closed, was thinking about how to deal with it. Suddenly, he heard one of them make a strange noise, and then the other responded with a jabber. It sounded as if he were talking, but he couldn’t understand what he was saying.
Attracted by their strange conversation, Zhang Shijie couldn’t help glancing at each other secretly. Before he could see what the other person looked like, the other person found him awake, so one of them quickly ran to him and turned his head to say something incomprehensible to the people behind him.
I don’t know if the other party is an enemy or a friend. I turned my head and didn’t pay attention to myself. Zhang Shijie put his arm around the other party’s neck and then the sword crossed the other party’s throat
At this time, Zhang Shijie discovered that the opposite was an almost naked woman, all of whom were made of large plant leaves, and there was a faint blue light in her white skin.
See each other this pair of dress Zhang Shijie remembered being held hostage by yourself at this time has been able to feel his arms was also like the other woman, although men and women ShouShouShouBuQin but things have come to this point Zhang Shijie is riding a tiger.
Zhang Shijie tried to control a mood to the woman in front and said, "Where is this? Who are you? "
The girl opposite didn’t seem to understand him. She looked at him with a crooked head.
The woman who was taken hostage by Zhang Shijie didn’t seem to be too afraid. After talking to her companion, she actually touched her hand. The sword was in the hands of Zhang Shijie, her neck was tighter, and she stared at the opposite woman nervously.
The woman who was taken hostage smiled and said something to her companion, and then grabbed the blade that followed her neck.
Zhang Shijie saw the other party make such a move and said in a panic, "What are you going to do? Don’t move or I’ll kill you."
I didn’t expect the other party to hold the sword in hand regardless of what he said, and then the sword should be folded into two parts.
Zhang Shijie see each other easily break his sword at this time also can not consider of passion busy will hand broken arrow cut toward each other’s neck.
With a crunchy Zhang Shijie holding a sword with a left hilt, she stared at the woman in front of her.
It was not until he flew out half of the blade and landed in the distance that he was frightened and asked, "Who are you … who are you?"
The woman he kidnapped was a little angry and went to her companion. After jabbering a few words, she turned and walked out of the cave.
Zhang Shijie was at a loss when suddenly two monsters covered with blue stones came in and stretched out his hand and grabbed his arm. Zhang Shijie wanted to resist, but the other side struggled too hard for a few times and then let them walk out of the cave.
What Zhang Shijie saw all the way didn’t surprise him. He was in a remote village only to find out that it was just a huge cave, and the whole cave was full of blue light, as if he were in an unreal world.