I didn’t know the pain until the tree was covered with moss, but it was not a big problem to hold on to it because it was covered with wrinkles.

"Since we don’t have a rope, we have to ask for more happiness." I took the lead in grasping a piece of bark. "I went first.
It is difficult to climb a tree, but there is no bright spot. Anyway, we have been struggling for more than an hour and finally climbed this nearly 200-meter-long tree to the top of the fork.
It seems that all three forks can go, so I still chose one randomly in the old way.
From a close look, it really should be possible to break the rock wall when the branches of people reached into the rock, and then something happened to break it. Although it was dark and there was no light, I felt a cool breeze in vain when I was in front of it!
After the torch in my hand was lit, I looked at this straight stone crack. The size and width are not a problem. "You have a rest for me first."
Iron panting just sit to "the elder brother of the information you should be careful.
This is a heart, isn’t it? I’m still quite moved. I turned my head to smile, but Ya Ma’s bullshit export made me half old. "I have no place to eat when you die."
"Give the old roll!
The stone crevices don’t look high, which is about 200 meters away, but there are some luminous plants in that area, which is not completely dark. It’s completely different here.
I sent my right eye to watch the track again.
There are several places in the stone wall that can be focused and smooth and neat, and nothing grows soon, so I climbed from here to the surface and lit a torch to have a look …
This is a neat tunnel with several meters square, and there are several spells and arrays on the tunnel surface. According to the order of seven groups, it is said that the walls, ceilings and floors are densely covered!
Who set up and made this circle here? The innate Fuxi hexagrams are so powerful that we need to add the’ Seven Stars Yue Bai’ circle?
Now I’m not interested in leaving here, and I’m eager to know what’s in my heart!
Hmm? I don’t know if it’s too quiet here to hear voices. I seem to hear something!
"Hello ~" came from my foot through the narrow crack in the rock. "What’s going on?"
When I bowed my head and listened, if there was a sound and it disappeared, maybe it was really my auditory hallucination!
So I made an answer before they asked again, "Come on, it seems no problem."
After more than half an hour, the three of them with three dogs appeared from the cracks and made them surprised. "Brother Liu, don’t you say this is natural? How can there be such an artificial thing?" Zheng qu asked
I double my eyes. "Who knows this stuff? All right, all right, let’s hurry up and find an exit along here. It’s the right way. It’s estimated that everything will be fine when we get to the heart of the array.
It is estimated that there are 300-400 meters of stone crevices and 200-odd meters occupied by the female tree clan and the dog clan. Looking around this square passage, I find that it seems to have a strange sense of rising. It seems that this is always the same. If there is nothing wrong, we may be able to rise by tens of meters when we reach the heart of the array.
So maybe we won’t be more than 400 meters from the ground!
I still remember when I saw the hole covered by the pile of wood, and there was a distance of 300 to 400 meters in the straight direction. Although I made a mistake when I first estimated the size of the surface, I will never be wrong again this time!
That’s the exit!
When the four of us walked along this road, I was still careful to keep looking at the wall patterns and pay attention to my feet for fear of encountering any traps, but after walking for a long time, I didn’t feel anything strange, and I relaxed my heart and walked more easily!
It’s really not easy to climb trees and walls all the way. Everyone has a tacit understanding and slowed down, so the journey is particularly long. After an hour’s journey, I strongly urge to rest and eat.
Although the kobold is not big, he still carries a lot of food. After taking it out, we put a lot in front of us.
Looking at the meat and fruit in front of me, I was very rational and picked up a plant rhizome. "Brother Zi, what kind of meat do you think this is?" Iron saw that I was a vegetarian and unwilling to put the meat in my hand for something like me.
"You absolutely don’t want to know that I clicked my teeth." Of course, I personally don’t object to you trying.
Zheng Qu smiled and Lin Chao also picked up the roots and left a pile of meat to let the four kobolds have a good time.
"Well, keep going. We’ve been walking for an hour. I’m counting." It’s almost time to go around the circle.
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Section 34 Invert the array (add more to seek red)
This road seems to have no end. We walked on for more than half an hour. Not only did we still not find the entrance, but even the patterns of the surrounding array did not change at all.
It’s a little strange!
As I walked, I touched out my mobile phone. According to the radius, the length of this circle should not exceed three kilometers, but we should have arrived long ago!
Unless there has been no exit here!
I found this problem, so did pop pop. He took a few steps and came to my side, lowering his voice. "Brother Liu, we seem to have come a long way, but …" "Don’t be buts" I interrupted him. "There is definitely something wrong with this. I frowned." Don’t worry, I’ll think about it first.
"Maybe this body is a closed tunnel," Lin Chao said. "What you call array heart protection is just going around in circles.
It is not unreasonable for him to infer that it is indeed like this from the current situation, but I always feel that things should not be like this. You see, this place should have been built by the ancients, so there must have been access places at that time. Otherwise, what did they do then?
But all this is a guess. I don’t know much about this congenital divination either-if it’s not possible, just try to make a hole?
I was thinking about whether I needed to find a place to destroy this seven-star Yue Bai tunnel when I noticed a strange thing overhead out of the corner of my eye.
That’s a pile of food scraps. It looks fresh!
I suddenly stopped the torch and held it high. "What do you think this is?"
"There are others?" Zheng Qu reached out and touched the back of his ass. He was used to touching the gun. "What are you doing?" Tieyi bald lulu didn’t shut up "itchy ass?"
Zheng Qu touched it and found that he didn’t bring it at all. It’s a little embarrassing to show off. "I’m used to hey hey, he pretends to be indifferent to me." Who do you think Liu Ge is? "
"Who else?" I pointed to this pile of things and just walked away. "You see the ceiling of this pile of things clearly."