If she is really the silent Lord, she will threaten the life of the spiritual master, and the special agent will open the yellow tower? Why don’t she just arrest Yuan Ling or bleed Yuan Tian? Anyway, no one present is her opponent.

Taotao wind looked at each other and saw the same incomprehension from his eyes.
The wind looked around and fixed his eyes on the two masked people behind Zhu Yan. "I am white."
He gestured to Taotao to look at the two men. "The man in the gray mask is called Grey Bird, who is good at manipulating all kinds of supernatural toxins, and the woman in the red mask is called Hongluan, who is good at creating dreamland. Most of them are dreamland created by Hongluan. Her illusion can simulate not only image but also strength. She should have deceived her, so she can’t hurt the silence. Why is her root a virtual shadow, and how can it be injured?"
Taotao frowned. "Will Yuan Ling’s mind be fooled so easily if she doesn’t say that she is evil?"
"It is reasonable to say that it will not, but it can paralyze people’s nervous system and reduce people’s ability to judge and think about things."
"He’s only two strains, five strains, six strains, and it’s easy to be found."
"If he carries a part of the power of the silent Lord like a thunderstorm, it will be difficult to find out that he has more than two toxins."
Feng looked at the mobile phone in his hand. It was in the chaos that he picked up a researcher.
Not long after the discovery of the dark psychic, the incident in the meeting room of the special investigation bureau was sent to every researcher’s mobile phone to inform them to hide.
"Zhu Yanzhi once lurked in the Secret Service. She knew the location and entrance of the Secret Service. If the silent master wanted to enter the Secret Service, it would be good to break into chaos. At first, Zhu Yanzhi pretended to be a half-city moon spiritual master, Chen Yuee, and had a meeting with the Salvation League. I guess she delayed the spread of the grebe poison throughout the conference room, disturbing the spiritual master’s ability to think and judge. Even a high-ranking spiritual master could hardly bear the blessing of the color, smell and toxin."
Taotao looked at the wind. "You even know this? You used to know the black falcon and the white warbler in the chaotic world, and now you know so much about the finch and the red phoenix. Silent Lao has always kept a low profile. I don’t remember that Chaos Tomb has the ability to remember these dark spiritual teachers. "
The wind said faintly, "I read a piece of information a long time ago and it has been blocked, so you didn’t see it."
"So it is, but there seems to be something wrong …" Taotao said softly, "Do you think that if the silent Lord wants ten square pu and the yellow tower to be evil, and he is injured and has not finished raising her, why do you have to find another job on the day of the Salvation League meeting? For other days, there are absolutely not so many spiritual teachers here, and there will be no such six strains of Zhuang felling. It is not so troublesome for her to move her hands. Today, she chose to confuse the dark spiritual teacher with poison and dreamland … "
"… it’s like testing the power of killing God," Taotao said. "There’s a thunderstorm. How did he know that Shifangpu fragments were in the iron ball in the research room? I don’t believe it’s the secret service people who say that they are at most prevented from knowing the location of Shifangpu fragments because of the exhaustion of spiritual power and the silence of the main virtual shadow deterrent method. Hangxiang said that the puppy lurking in the chaotic tomb was called Cui Xu, and a secret service called Qian Shan Cui … "
The wind is silent
Taotao "We have been unable to find traces of these two people. Is Qian Shan Cui from the Institute? He let the news out? "
Zhu Yanzhi looked at Xiao Yuetu.
Compared with other spiritual masters, Xiao Yuetu looks particularly petite and looks like a ten-year-old child. Just now, the male spiritual master beside her was smashed into a paste by a thunderstorm hammer. She splashed a lot of hot blood on her body, and her face was pale and her white teeth almost bit her lips.
Zhu Yanzhi stared at the Yuan brothers who were the only ones present who could open the grave. "It seems that you really don’t care about her life."
Yuan Ling sneered, "Since the silent Lord has come, why don’t you just let her kill me and spill my blood in the grave? The Tata door will naturally open."
Zhu Yan’s eyes glowed with a gentle affection. "Yuan Ling, whether you believe it or not, I really cared for you when I asked you to open the yellow pagoda and I will keep you alive."
"I don’t accept this way of living," Yuan Ling said indifferently. "Let’s do it."
"No" Yuan Tian stared at the tower Xiao Yuetu, clenched his fist and trembled slightly. "Brother might as well believe her once."
"After all, it’s better to die clean than to believe the words of the dark spirit master," Yuan Ling said coldly. "Have you forgotten what happened in the chaotic world?"
Thunderstorm hung impatient. He pulled out the chain and six huge hammers in his hands and rushed straight at Xiao Yuetu.
Yuan Tian Gu Yuan Ling stopped and rushed into the evil spirit surrounded by the ancestors. "Don’t move her, I’ll open the door."
The sledgehammer suddenly stopped at half.
Xiao Yuetu closed her eyes and opened them. She looked at her feet. Yuan Tian’s eyes were shocked and full of sadness. She bit her lips tighter.
Evil spirit resin progenitor didn’t attack yuan day but surrounded him.
Yuan Tian approached the yellow pagoda step by step and pulled out a dagger from the stone.
"You …" Xiao Yue Tuyin brought into tears. "Don’t come here."
Her eyes were red. "I’m not worth it."
She heard about what happened ten years ago.
When Yuan Tian opened the yellow tower and killed his parents, it left an indelible shadow on his childhood.
Now he wants to open the yellow pagoda again to save her.
What this means to him is unknown, but it will never be a good experience.
"Don’t talk nonsense." Yuan Tian walked slowly but steadily. He looked up at Xiao Yuetu and smiled a little ugly. "Although you have a bad mouth, you always say that he is more handsome than me, but I really like you. Besides, even if I don’t open this tower, don’t they have any other way?"
Yuan Tian was in the yellow tower. "It’s better to try than to watch you get smashed into a meat pie, right?"
The situation is critical. Taotao doesn’t think about spies anymore.
The wind "wants to wake them up?"
Taotao "What are the odds of waking up now?"
The wind "kills the gods and exhausts most of the spiritual teachers’ spiritual research institutes. Those who can’t really do it are you, me, Yuan Ling, Xiaotian’s dead ancestors and four dark spiritual teachers who carry the main force of silence. It’s hard to say whether it will be won or lost."
"What about Qi Lao?"