"Ah …"

A heavy wind drove Zichen out of the Terran destiny.
Suddenly, a group of flames shrouded in five colors emerged, and his side was shining with shocking power.
Pointing at the firewood, Zichen will break into the dry Kun Ding.
Then, with a wave of his big hand, he suddenly grasped the emptiness in front of him, and there were wisps of light emerging, and the prayers of all souls kept coming to him.
This is the wish of incense, which contains the good wishes of several ethnic groups to the Terran. It has been inexhaustible since the Terran was born.
Now the wind zichen will take it to refine the main ingredients of the throne.
After taking the incense, the wind zichen sank her mind and urged the kendo force to forcibly shake the long river of fate.
After a loud noise, the long river of destiny has changed again.
The whole river shook violently, and the waves rose higher and higher, and I don’t know how many lives were disturbed, which changed their fate.
Suddenly, a small tributary emerged in the depths of the long river of fate, emitting a misty white light, not dazzling and warm, and slowly flowing to the unknown.
That’s the destiny of the Terran. The river is one of the tributaries of the long river of destiny, where all the fate of the Terran gathers.
The mighty spirit surged out and crashed violently into the tributary river, and a great spirit emerged.
That spirit is full of vitality, sending out the belief of self-improvement and shaking people’s hearts.
It is the immortal spirit of Terran’s immortal faith, which leapt high from the long river of fate and poured into the Gankun tripod as soon as it appeared.
Boom boom …
Terran’s fortune, incense, willingness and strength, Terran’s spirit, the combination of the three, the entanglement and the integration have produced strange power.
Thus breaking the blockade of Gankunding and spreading to the outer space.
It seems to have shaken the universe, and the chaos outside the sky trembled. The humanity’s brilliance flashed and the mighty power burst into a raging fire and burned to Gankun Ding.
This is a humanitarian fire!
Seeing this wind, Zichen was so excited that she quickly took all the merits behind her and scored in the dry Kun Ding.
Then he turned his hand over, took out his merits, smashed it, and smashed it into a dry tripod.
For Yu Feng Zichen, the strongest means of protection in the past-merits and flashes have long since gone, and there is not much room left in his hands. It is better to integrate into the throne and strengthen his strength.
"When …"
The burning of humanitarian fire, even the dry Kun Ding, keeps shaking, and the power of nature keeps pouring out as if to recreate the dry Kun and repeat the world.
The four tangible forces, the force of nature and oppression, converge into a ball, and they are constantly compressed, and gradually they have the entity to show humanity.
"Not enough!"
Seeing the change of Terran’s fate, Feng Zichen frowned at first, and then seemed to think of something. He leaned out and grasped it toward Terran’s ancestors.
And the Terran ancestral temple is bathed in a purple starlight, and Violet Gold Dragon is constantly devouring Fang Longqi and growing slowly.
This is the emperor’s spirit, the Long Mai’s spirit, the purple light and the starlight, and the birth of the world can isolate all the magical powers and destroy all the magical powers
The emperor should be as brilliant and majestic as the sun. How can he not be accompanied by the emperor?
Think of this wind zichen moved from the outer chaos to arrest this emperor qi and break into the throne of the soon-to-be-formed person
Not yet, Zichen’s innate immortal spirit forcibly separated a part of the Chinese star source and sent it to Gankunding.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three The emperor
Purple star source can also be called emperor source, which is the Taoist body of the first emperor.
With the purple micro-source merging into the Gankun tripod, the fluctuation is even greater, and it vibrates violently, and the natural power surges out, and the sky white light shines on the whole tripod.
Through the tripod wall, it can be clearly seen that the throne lattice, which was previously rendered as a golden man by Xuan Huang Gongde, is now gradually affected by the purple star source, and its intention is to change to purple and gold.
At the same time, the terran has nurtured the emperor’s purple spirit for many years, and the five-claw dragon has been circling around the human throne
And influenced by the breath, this dragon has also changed. Rowen is more important, showing his noble posture, and the faint transformation trend seems to be turning into a nine-claw dragon
"Not enough!"