Before that, Taotao was ready to fight Miyaluo.

I am also prepared that I will die because of the forced urging of the emperor’s clock. I am prepared that many people in this city will die in the collapse of the wild prison.
But she can always save most of them. She thought so
Yes, but I didn’t expect to stop the collapse of the wild prison. It was Mi Yanluo’s own price to let Cui Xuanyi go
"If you hadn’t seriously injured Miyan Luo Rang, it wouldn’t have spared no effort to protect the people who are important to it, and it might not have made such a deal with you."
I don’t know when the nangongshan dust appeared behind her.
Taotao: "I can’t figure out why a sinister teenager, Mi Yanluo, is so good to him?"
Nangong Chen asked, "Do you know what is the saddest thing in the world?"
"What is it?" Taotao asked, "Is it an ant who experiences all kinds of hardships in reincarnation or masters his own destiny?"
"No," said Nangong Dust lightly. "It’s the immortal evil spirits who are believed in God."
"The former mortals hate the latter mortals fear the long time, and no one dares to get close to the silence and loneliness in life enough to swallow people up."
"What about you?" Taotao turned to look at him.
If Miyanluo is an immortal evil ghost, who is God?
The wet wind blew the peach half-white hair. She asked, "Do you feel lonely occasionally?"
The nangongshan dust smiled "I have you."
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
I’m your loyal housekeeper Li-
Light rain and dust
There was a light rain in Shencheng, which washed away the cool summer heat and the dirty streets.
Even with the drizzle, there is still light in the city sky.
A few high-rise buildings collapsed in the wild prison and the tiles on the top floor were worn off. A few spiritual teachers were injured, but the impact of the disaster was kept to a minimum.
"Master, my master-"
Xin bodyguard saw Jin Youchen, wishing he couldn’t run over on all fours.
He crouched down and hugged the teenager tightly, as if hugging his life light.
"It’s very kind of you to be all right. My only wish every day is to look forward to your safe return, master-"Xin bodyguard cried bitterly with a runny nose. "After you were kidnapped, I didn’t think about tea and rice. Fortunately, you came back, otherwise I would have gone with you-"
Jin Youchen was very moved. "Xin, I will give you a raise."
Xin bodyguard’s face lit up immediately. "Really!"
"Well, not only you, but also housekeeper Li," said Jin Youchen.
Xin bodyguard "Li Guanjia will also rise?"
He wiped away tears from his face. "The dead old man is very bad and unintelligent. Not long after you disappeared, he left without considering your safety. Like this housekeeper who has no employee consciousness, no consciousness and no sense of belief, what should he give him … Li … Li housekeeper?"
Mr. Li, wearing his flip-flops and sloppy suit, came over and glanced at him. Xin bodyguard cried and dared not speak.
Jin Youchen said, "This is Taotao Master, Li Daochang."
Xin Bodyguard’s flowers have faded again.
What did he just say? He even said that the mistress and master were bad and cowardly old men!
Taotao followed Li Sanjiu into this messy war zone. Xin bodyguard saw her and exclaimed, "Little grandma, your hair!"
His loud voice attracted the attention of someone in the place.
Everyone looked back and saw the girl’s half white hair mixed with layers of black hair, and the color looked mottled and gray.
Taotao doesn’t care much.
Forcing the avenue to bite itself and consume vitality, she was ready before she started.
She was satisfied that her hair turned white and her face didn’t wrinkle.
It would be nice if the department turned white. She thought to herself that it was just the same as the whole couple’s hair color with Nangong Dust.
Yuan Ling didn’t sleep for dozens of hours in a row, and he was still at the front line directing the special service division to clean up the mess.
The government broadcast repeatedly warned citizens not to go out for fire fighting and troops scattered into all corners of the city to wash the stains on the ground while the street was alone and clean up the collapsed buildings.
Taotao walked to Yuan Ling with Xuan Soul Flower and handed him four soul locks.