This is … Lin has seen something that looks like charcoal before, but this one is very small, more than two meters long, and it actually floats in the direction of the developer.

As soon as it approached the pioneers, it released several attached worms, which quickly drilled the charcoal into pieces.
At the same time, the pioneers rushed towards the square pot! The shell of this thing was drilled by the developer in an instant, but at this moment, a large number of black fragments were sprayed from the inside, and they adhered to the developer’s body in large quantities. After the developer drilled the whole tank, a large number of such black fragments adhered to its body.
Lin asked the attached worms to clean up the fragments of the pioneer’s body, some of which were quite tightly adhered, so the worms swallowed them directly and the body decomposed these charcoal-like things
This thing … Is it …
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three No weaknesses?
Huge black pieces floated up from the green water and stuck to the pioneer …
These charcoal-like black stones seem to be made of a very special material, and there are many tiny cracks and holes on its surface, which are filled with a large number of tiny creatures-cyclops.
These cyclops are a special kind, and they are constantly smearing some colloid on the surface of black stones, which seems to cause the stones to react to the pioneers’ shells and stick to the surface.
Is it going to limit the actions of the pioneers in this way?
Boom!’ But the pioneer didn’t stop. It kept swimming and smashed another cylindrical thing.
Many affiliated worm pioneers swim around them, and they are responsible for cleaning up the black pieces stuck on the pioneers. This kind of thing is a way to stop the pioneers.
At the same time, worms also collect ambient oxygen.
There are many places in the pioneer’s body where compressed oxygen can be used for a long time, but Lin will not wait until it is almost replenished. Just then, Lin has a supplementary idea.
There are many ways to supplement it, such as "self-production and self-marketing" by self-luminescence or "creator" also has many oxygen and oxygen-transporting cells, just like the accessory worms devouring other living things around.
Although there is a lot of oxygen, Lin has been looking for something else to replace oxygen.
There is also oxygen underground, but it is very scarce. It has been underground for so long. Where does this oxygen come from? Does it make itself?
Moreover, after destroying so many structures, Lin still didn’t know whether these were its organs. Although each structure actually had different shapes, the bases were almost the same. Most of them were inhabited by cyclops and some micro-organisms, while some of them were filled with unknown viruses. It seems that none of them reflected the organs.
It’s like a special natural environment, full of tiny biological environment, but it has the will, and it is constantly attacking the pioneer exhibition.
But at present, it’s just some stones. What else will it do?
In front of the pioneer, Lin once again saw a strange structure, which was about ten meters long and was a square pioneer. He suddenly accelerated and rushed to smash it.
"Goo …" Some circular and penetrating things floated out of the debris.
This is … white skeleton dragon? And a cub?
Lin found that these white skeleton dragon cubs were curled up in a ball and trapped in a round object, which was smashed by the former pioneer as if it were specially designed to put these white skeleton dragon cubs.
Sure enough … What’s special about the creator and the white skeleton dragon?
Lynn asked several attached worms to bite a round object, which is a hardened colloid, and the young inside … seem to be corpses.
These are all dead, but they are not exposed to oxygen and saprophytic fungi because they are trapped.
Moreover, Lin also found that these larvae are somewhat strange, for example, their brains are developed, and some of them have white skeletons, and dragons have no organs.
Is this cub a’ prophet’?
Is this really the case … Those’ prophets’ of the White Skeleton Dragon were specially created by creators and mixed into their group? So did the creator communicate with the white skeleton dragon?
Lin originally thought that the white skeleton dragon was accidentally produced by the creator, but it seems that the creator has specially’ taken care of’ this creature.