"This is almost a good baby!" Speak with a grin

"Holy shit, get the fuck out of here! Why don’t you fucking be a good baby!" Li Yi said
It seems that my guess is correct. These people just came to help Li Yi. No, the leader still called Li Yi Brother. Does this mean that these people are Li Yi’s hands?
Thought of here, Wang Shouyi is sweating. Will Li Yi hold a grudge? If you hold a grudge, you should run directly now. Look at Li Yi. It shouldn’t hold a grudge. By the way, he has to accept himself as a younger brother. He shouldn’t look at his hands again.
"I went to Zhong Huayang. How did he become so fierce? Did he take a small blue pill?" Li Yi watched Zhong Huayang hit two people with a stick.
"Well, boss, why are you so obscene and return the blue pill? I suspect that he is exhausted and is preparing for the final fight *" Chen vowed.
"Go fuck yourself, he’s even more obscene than me," said Li Yi, who directly kicked Chen’s ass.
"Li Yi, tell me what a little blue pill is?" Lin Keer looked puzzled at Li Yi and asked.
What’s the matter with Li Yi and Chen? Why do they all say that others are more obscene than them?
"It’s normal that you don’t understand that now. If you do, it will be abnormal, and then it will gradually become white," Li Yi said.
"Yes, yes, yes, it’s not normal for you to understand now. If you do, it’s normal," Chen said
"It means the same thing to me and Chen," said Li Yi with a smile.
"I don’t understand now is not a normal person? That I want to understand into a normal person, "Lin Keer nodded and said.
"Chen your ya batting practice" Li Yi said as she raised her leg.
"Boss, don’t kick!" Chen squatted directly.
"Stay away!" Li Yi kicked Chen’s ass again.
"Eldest brother I * * ah … I’m dead" Chen said directly fainted.
Chapter one hundred and forty Wretched? Murder!
"Chen, are you dead? That’s even better. Let’s have a corpse experiment directly, "Li Yi said with a smile.
Chen suddenly jumped up and said, "Well, all of a sudden, I feel my body has strength. It seems that the second pulse of Du was opened and I lived like this."
"Li Yi, you haven’t said anything for a long time. What is a small blue pill? Say it quickly!" Lin Keer asked.
"What’s wrong with you, yellow hair? I’ll come and help you." Li Yi looked at the yellow hair and said.
Lin Keer also took a look at Huang Mao. When he recovered, Chen and Li Yi had already run away.
"Li yiheng!" Lin Keer stamped her feet hard.
"Boss, you said that you are still afraid of your wife saying it. Who believes it and the boss? Just say it. It’s not a private thing," Chen said.
"Chen, it’s my fault that I didn’t teach you well. I’m really not good at this. Why don’t you help me!" Li Yi said
"Yes, if the boss asks for help, the younger brother must be duty-bound and not hesitate," Chen said.
"Sometimes, some words just can’t be said, so you can help me demonstrate it once. When I accompany you to see that Fang Jiayi, you can tell her directly that I like you. Let’s * * together. I’m sure I can say anything to your sister-in-law after I promise," said Li Yi.
"Boss, are you kidding me? If I say that, if he has a good temper, he will directly say something about me and kick me. If he has a bad temper, maybe we will say goodbye forever," Chen said.
"Let’s say goodbye forever. I’m sure I won’t let your sister go. She will definitely become your sister-in-law," Li Yi said with a smile.
"Boss, you are ashamed," Chen said.
"Boss, boss, you see that your opponent’s base is already strong and dead. It’s like a quick shot, and there will be a virtual time. At this time, we will cut the roots and let them never turn over." Chen said impassioned.
"You can’t learn anything good by staying with you." Li Yi directly turned Chen’s impassioned speech into a butt pier.
"Eldest brother, what’s the matter? Why did you kick me again? " Chen rubbed his ass and asked
"What do you mean by ya? Don’t stop teaching me badly? What do you mean, you can’t turn over in Huanglong forever? Another thing is to cut the grass and get rid of the roots. How on earth did you learn to be so wretched and so dirty? "Li Yi asked.
"Boss, don’t you know what that means?" Chen smile happily asked.
"I know ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Li Yi said
"Well, boss, then we have a very important thing to talk about. First of all, the boss doesn’t know what I mean. Then why should the boss call me obscene? This is slander and I need to be responsible for mental loss," Chen said.
"Well, I know what you mean." Li Yi nodded and said.
"That’s even better. Now that you know, say that you are as obscene and nasty as me. When you say boss, you scold me before, that is to scold yourself," Chen said.
"I didn’t fucking mean that you are obscene. Why are there so many fucking questions? Chen, you are obscene. Do you need any mental loss? Is there any problem?" Li Yi asked
"The boss is gone," Chen said.
Don’t look at Chen’s mouth, but I don’t think so in my heart. Where is there no problem with him? There are a lot of problems and a lot of keys, but I dare not say it myself.
What’s the matter with these two people? I don’t think so, do I?
"Boss, should we help the yellow hairs?" Chen got up and said
"who do you think will win if you call like this?" Li Yi wanted to mean to ask
"If the boss is Zhong Huayang like I said, they are the kind of * * * * at the end of the strong * * ……………"
"Fuck you, stop it. Don’t be so obscene. Be careful. I’ll kick it directly to you. I think it will hurt if I kick it," said Li Yi.
"Boss, don’t!" Chen shouted to cough. If you don’t know anything, people will definitely recognize what Li Yi is going to do to Chen, and then Chen shouted no!