Only then did Su Mo know the real name of Emperor Lei.

Lei Huang said, "I’m trapped here and I won’t last long. I won’t have any regrets if this achievement can give you."
"Elder you really have …"
Su Mo trembles
He just saw the thunder flashing in the eyes of Emperor Lei, and a glimmer of hope was kindled in his heart.
Maybe the thunder emperor’s fruit is still there.
Lei Huang’s calm voice and conscious movement will send a broken piece of Daoguo out of the sea of knowledge to reveal it.
Seeing this, Su Mo was completely dead.
In those days, Butterfly Moon did give him a complete Taoist fruit of Cloud Youwang.
It’s that Daoguo budo statue.
What’s more, even if there is a complete Tao Guo, it is impossible to help Lei Huang recover.
Daoguo is the essence of monk’s life.
Can absorb refining, but two completely different fruits cannot replace each other.
Su Moshen said, "You didn’t have the Tao fruit, and I can get here and naturally take you away!"
Emperor Lei shook his head slightly. "I’m wrapped in ten unique chains, and even worse, this knife nailed me and I can’t walk away."
This long Dao is obviously not that the blade is still cold and sharp after hundreds of thousands of years!
The ten unique chains in Emperor Lei’s mouth should be the ten huge thick chains on his body.
"Elder, please bear with me and let me help you pull out this long knife!"
Su Mo took a deep breath and shook his hands toward the handle in the previous step.
"Don’t touch that knife!"
Emperor Lei’s look changed and he hurried out.
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one Spirit struggle
It was already late when the thunder emperor sounded.
Su Mo’s hands have already grasped the handle!
Sue ink was a quiver suddenly stare big eyes.
At this moment, several killing scenes appeared in front of his eyes, and many terrible scenes flooded into his mind.
His head seems to explode!
Su Mo has never felt that a long knife should emit such a terrible killing breath.
The violent force of this long knife poured into the place where Su Mo body rampaged and destroyed life!
Su Mo’s flesh surface split instantly and generate gave out clouds of blood fog!
Su Mo couldn’t bear the pain, and his facial features were twisted with a ferocious look.
Su Mo knows that the sea is in chaos.
The lotus platform keeps rotating and blooms blue glow. Eleven violets surround the violet god to form a barrier to isolate the invasion and killing gas.
Su Mo violet veins can no longer conceal the release of the department!
A series of green wounds release great vitality and repair physical scars.
But this long knife is too fierce.
Even violet can’t resist it!
Nowadays, resistance is only a delay.
Lei Huang’s eyes are even more surprised.
He was nailed to this stone pillar by this long knife for hundreds of thousands of years. No one knows better than him that this long knife is terrible!
This is the weapon of the King of Heaven-the real torture knife!
Every executioner wears a butcher’s knife in his hand.
But those torture knives are all imitations of this long knife.
Don’t say that Su Mo is a mysterious fairy, even if it is touched by a fairy, it is hard to get away with it.
But in the sight of this young man, he was not killed by the punishment knife for the first time!
In the sight of Emperor Lei, Su Mo’s figure has become a little blurred and replaced by a blue-green violet that has gone up into the sky.
Lotus stems are straight and straight, and the branches and leaves are crystal clear. It seems that swaying gently can shake the world!
"Nature violet!"