She hugged Bai Feier, who touched her head. "Don’t be afraid to see those people as if they had been bitten by something. This must be karma. Otherwise, why are we okay?"

Taotao looked at the blood lake, and the waves did not appear by turning up demons, and they were never expected by Liu Shizhong.
If he knew that the blood lake was so dangerous, he would never come to its shore on a bloody moonlit night.
Taotao stared at the lake and climbed out of the ghosts hundreds of thousands … more than she could count, but the targets of these ghosts were very clear, including the villagers who crossed the maze, the ghosts and the souls in the color pot. They didn’t distinguish between the enemy and the enemy. In this moonlight, they went crazy to kill each other. This situation was not as rich as purgatory.
Her eyes rested on the distant cliff, the sky and the background of blood moon.
On the blood moon, she saw a man in the direction of her blood lake, and his black robe flew over the corner, and every wave that raised the blood lake also surged and raged.
-it’s him
He is manipulating the blood lake, and the ghosts devour the villagers in the maze.
One by one, the fresh life screams, screams and pours blood into the maze, so fragile that it seems that it will completely dissipate and collapse in a moment.
What? Why did he let the demons devour the people here?
Taotao was staring at him, but there was a sharp whip wind behind him.
She dodged and looked back and saw Cui Xuanyi.
He cheerfully took back the whip and wrapped it around his wrist to lick the whip skeleton, "Don’t be ill when you should be a peach."
His cleverness was the highest camouflage a few days ago, and now he is almost the same as when he first entered the mountain.
He’s even more evil than he was then, and his body is full of fear of darkness.
The morning after the attack on Taotao, Cui Xuanyi turned pale, apparently because he was burned by the six cardioscopes the night before.
He cheated a few mountains and couldn’t read peaches, but he even cheated Feng enough to say that he was a good actor.
Taotao looked at him indifferently. "Which of these bodies is your teacher?"
"The teacher is waiting for me at home, but I will be punished if I can’t bring back a job that satisfies her."
What he said was obviously killing Taotao. She asked, "Were you the one who tried to kill me in Pingjiang Village that night? Is it your teacher who wants to kill me on the sixth day of June? "
Cui Xuanyi raised his bone whip. "This story is very long and interesting. Why don’t you come back with me and let my teacher tell it to you slowly?"
Tao Tao Jian greeted him.
After the sword collided with the whip weapon, Taotao did not move in place. Cui Xuan dropped out of five or six meters. He screwed up his beautiful eyebrows. If he remembered correctly, she was far less powerful than she is now in Pingjiang Village that night. How did she suddenly have such a sudden increase in strength in just a few days?
Peach and peach swords split her again, and the attack was fierce one by one, not only in strength, speed and technique, but also far more than before.
After waking up from the nightmare, she realized that she had lost her strength for two months and came back. Although she didn’t know why, it was a good thing in such a dangerous place.
Novelle saw Cui Xuan bite a tooth in the distance. "He really is installed. If it weren’t for his Kano, they would be fine …"
The confrontation between Taotao and Cui Xuanyi is close to the unilateral suppression of the spiritual master’s battle. Generally speaking, it will not directly use brute force, but make the spell seal and instruments make the spell seal when it is needed. Taotao did not give Cui Xuanyi a mental force at all.
Not surprisingly, the lip nail on his lip is a stone. Whenever his hand tries to wipe it off his lip, the shadow of the sword of Tao Yao covers it tightly.
Although his spiritual pulse has floated, it has always been beaten by Taotao physical attack, and he has no chance to strike back.
Taotao sword swatted the boy on his chest and flew him out. She followed after him, grabbed his ankle and dragged him back. She bit Taoyao’s teeth, grabbed Cui Xuan’s feet with both hands, swung them like sandbags in the middle, and finally smashed him into the distant mountain wall.
Novelle was horrified. "Although Cui Xuanyi is not a thing, is Zhou Yu too violent?"
Meng Yu doesn’t care. "Did the boy dig her ancestral grave? But he looks so weak. "
As soon as Cui Xuan coughed up a mouthful of blood, his body slipped from the mountain wall to the ground. He was just about to climb up and fly from a distance, piercing his shoulder and nailing him to the rock wall.
Taotao came over. "This one is for you."
Novelle continued to panic. She turned to look at the wind wound. If Cui Xuan was injured, he would be treated like this. That killed Lin Quanren … She couldn’t help shivering in the distance.
Liu Shizhong was haunted by evil spirits in the blood, and he took care of peaches for a while. Isn’t it necessary to slaughter this village after cleaning up peaches?
Tao Tao pulls out Tao Yao Cui Xuan’s forehead was beaded with sweat with pain.
His lips were dripping with blood, but he still laughed wildly. "Sister Taotao is so cruel. I am only sixteen years old. Do you have the heart to do this to me?"
Taotao picked his lip nail, grabbed his neck and pushed him against the rock. "Who is your teacher?"
Cui Xuan spit out a mouthful of finely blood "my teacher … she is the best and kindest person in the world. You want to know who she is …"
Taotao stared at the teenager, and his smile suddenly brightened. His dark breath suddenly filled up and spread rapidly along Taotao’s arm.
It’s not evil, but a pure spiritual attribute. It’s a rare attribute in the world to break the magic light, but it’s the opposite-breaking the magic light is an absolute light that can restrain all evil, but Cui Xuan’s attribute is chilling and extremely dark
Taotao immediately released his hand.
The teenager’s slender hand reached out to her and grabbed her chest stone necklace, and then several leaps jumped out of her attack range.
Taotao took his lip nail because it probably contained a psychic ofuda and a spell ball. If he moved his psychic powers, she was no match. Besides, he took Shifangpu and probably hid it in a stone.
But what is the stone he took from her?
Cui Xuan was covered in blood but smiled innocently and evil. He took out a crumpled photo from the peach stone.
Taotao frowned. It was a vicious and hateful word stuck in the coffin, cursing her to death. The wind said that it was not an ordinary material. She wanted to bring it back to Chaos Tomb for inspection.
Cui Xuanyi kneaded it into a ball, put it in his mouth and chewed it, then swallowed it in front of Taotao.
In doing so, he proved that this paper is really special, and it is easy to find the person who wants to kill her behind it.
"This time, I despise my enemy. There’s plenty of time for peaches." Cui Xuanyi wiped the blood on his lips and covered his shoulders and turned and fled into the darkness.
Taotao wants to remember that there is still an unsolved person behind her who killed nymphs, so she walked back to the blood lake with a sword.
Novelle covered her eyes and Bai Fei asked, "What’s the matter?"
She said in fear, "I dare not see blood. Although these people deserve to die, Zhou Yuzhen is too violent."
Taotao walked, and the world suddenly began to spin and then turned upside down, and then inch by inch became blurred.
She was poisoned, and there was no solution. First, she fought against demons for half a night last night, and then she lost blood and was chased into the rest land. Then she was chopped by more than 600 knives in the nightmare land, and then she purified the rest land … Just now, the first world war completely exhausted her last strength.
Taotao Taoyao supported kneeling on the ground.
Everything around is still noisy, the blood moon is cold, the ghosts are wailing, and the man has disappeared.
She can’t get dizzy. She hasn’t woken up yet. If she falls, then their lives will be here, right?
But she was so tired that every cell was clamoring for fatigue and pain. She held out and looked into the distance. Behind the rocky mountain leading to the resting land, a huge blue door was slowly erected, which was where she was laid down and where the dead tree was located.
The misty night is foggy again, and the strange fog fills the air in the blue gate of heaven and earth, adding a trace of mystery and coldness.
Cui Xuanyi once said that the tree of death is the entrance to the hell gate. Is this dark blue gate the ten-square purgatory gate?
Peach and peach look intently, there is indeed a damage in the center of the deep and remote blue gate.
Sure enough, the door is really broken
Taotao doesn’t know whether she is in a trance or true when she stares at the door. Now she seems to see a huge vertical eye emerging from the deep blue door.