"Brother Yin, don’t kick us out …!" Chen Er blind is really regret his voice trembling said, "after taking the money, my in the mind is also vague … you said Feng Lei dug me … what is it? Isn’t it just to see this person in my hand? But I don’t have any feelings with others … It’s … It’s a little bit after that. Who can take care of us people who have changed jobs in the past … My family is Erlonggang and Beifengkou … I didn’t even have a friend when I left …! "

Wu Tianyin looked at him without saying anything.
"Brother Yin, I was wrong. Please forgive me once … I beg you. I don’t want to go!" Chen Er blindly lay on Wu Tianyin’s legs and cried for decades. Men are just like children.
Real people are like this. Impulses and decisions at a certain moment are not necessarily the true thoughts of the heart. They are influenced by the environment and external forces, but … not everyone has the opportunity to regret after making a decision.
Chen Er is lucky that he met Wu Tianyin, or that these old people have all suffered with him, and they have had the friendship to get through the hardships together, and these things are their real fetters that money can’t buy.
"I’ll ask you again, are you going or not?" Wu Tianyin looked at him with a dignified face and asked.
"I can’t leave, you can deal with me!" Chen Er said without hesitation, "Take … take something and I will return it."
"ok!" Wu Tianyin took his arm and held him while saying, "There are no outsiders in this room. Forget it, no one can come here."
After Wu Tianyin looked at An Zai and others, "You can’t talk behind your back after turning over the page!"
Everyone nodded.
Wu Tianyin help Chen Er blind looked down at him and said, "give a message to your people! You take things, I will help you return them. You don’t care about anything. I will face them! "
Chen Er looked at Wu Tianyin blindly. "Brother Yin, this thing …!"
"I know what you mean if you don’t say it," Wu Tianyin looked at him and said slowly, "I won’t let you sit in the middle."
"Thank you, Brother Yin!" Chen Er blind heavy nodded his head.
in ten minutes
Wu Tianyin stepped out of the box, surly, and rushed to the floor.
"Chen Guang this thing is quite bad in nature. If it is not handled …!" An Zai behind light woke up half sentence.
"There is a process from the beginning to the end. Don’t say that Chen Er is blind. I fucking drifted across." Wu Tianyin said flatly. "It’s better to make a mistake than to kill his heart with a stick!"
An Zai nodded his head.
"Let Chen Guang call someone else and I’ll ask Feng Ji!" Wu Tianyin surly scold a way "mom a b Liu Weiren wake up when I pay attention to the time I still think the opposite can’t do that! I didn’t think it was really my Lao Wu’s head! ! No matter who intercedes, I can’t get through here! "
Say that finish Wu Tianyin accelerated the pace.
Meanwhile, Zheng Ya, the old cat, returned to Songjiang.
Chapter DiYiSan Prepare to evacuate
Wu Tianyin went to Meng Xi immediately after talking to Chen Er blindly.
Wu Tianyin, the military office of Tuzha Street, sat on the sofa and frowned and said, "I’m not Liu Weiren. I can’t pass this thing here."
Meng Xi has little contact with Wu Tianyin, but the latter has various experiences and personality characteristics. He always listens to Qin Yu and others. Meng Xi knows that since the other party can come to find himself and say such things, there is no room for relaxation.
Meng Xi pondered for a long time and asked politely, "What do you want to do about the commander?"
"Looking for Feng Ji showdown, if they don’t give me a statement, Songjiang will be in a mess," Wu Tianyin said without hesitation.
Meng Xi rubbed his palm and frowned and replied, "Commander, how about I give you a suggestion?"
Wu Tianyin looked at him without saying anything.
"Commander, don’t get me wrong. My personal position is that there is no problem. I know who is far away and who is near, and I know the seriousness of this matter." Meng Xi gently explained, "I won’t make peace with the mud, but we can’t get this tone."
Wu Tianyin nodded. "What do you suggest?"
"Can do this …" Meng Xi thought about giving Wu Tianyin advice.
Late at night, the coastal areas of Shandong