See Wang Jian still stared at him coldly Yi Yu also not discouraged connect a way "besides, even if you are very curious about me, at the very least, you should form a temporary ally like them until everything is clear after the escape of the Imperial Princess Palace. It’s not too late to talk about these issues! Otherwise, if I’m in a hurry, I’ll help each other … At that time, Mr. Wang and the beautiful lady were in a bad situation. "

Wang Jian remained impassive. "Are you threatening me?"
Yi Yu smiled faintly. "If the predecessors are so understanding, they can also say so."
"Very well! You are very good! "
Yi Yu leaned down slightly and laughed. "It’s a great honor to be able to get your appreciation for the younger generation." At this time, the falling cloud smoked but looked at Wang Jian in horror for fear that he would behead Yi Yu when he was angry, thus breaking the clue of Qin Jian’s coming.
Finally Wang Jian light way "Yi Yu is? You are very good, but it takes strength to become a comrade-in-arms with me in Wang Jian. If you fight for a while, I will never help you. "
Yi Yu laughed. "It’s natural. If you still need help from your predecessors, don’t call your comrades-in-arms messed up. If you die unfortunately, you can’t blame others for biting your teeth."
"good!" Wang Jian said a word lightly, but Yi Yu actually had a feeling of blood! Yi Yu’s heart is terrible, and everything is pressed at the bottom of my heart. Yi Yu will also have similar spells, but obviously Wang Jian is much taller than him. Yi Yu knows that if this spiritual spell is captured in his heart, it will be limited to amplification immediately, and then he can’t come if he wants to control it.
A little steady mind Yi Yu heart andao "what is this spirit spell? I was able to affect me unconsciously! It’s true that someone is behind the scenes. It seems that you should be careful when you meet these people who don’t know the details in the future. "
Wang Jian saw that Yi Yu’s eyes were clear in an instant and nodded slightly. "It is very rare to know how to control yourself at an early age."
Although this is really a compliment, Yi Yu is not in the mood to say those pleasantries. Suddenly, even now, the Pure Land of Blissfulness has a size of 30,000 feet, but he is still very fragile when facing the real strong! Especially these days, the goddess game makes Yi Yu really a little high. Yi Yu can control the fate of others, but just now he was awakened by Wang Jian’s power! Compared with the more powerful people manipulate those weak people, the pleasure is somewhat insignificant.
Suddenly Yi Yu’s mouth tilted to reveal a faint smile. Although he has come out in the shock of his heart, Yi Yu has not suddenly changed anything. There is a gradual process to engrave those important feelings in the bone. Although it is wonderful, it can’t last long.
Yi Yu smiled at the two-body leader. "I was listening to the wind in the dark just now. It seems that everyone’s trip is due to the blood of the emperor. I wonder if it’s right?"
Cha Shuangying laughed "This Nature"
Yi Yu a slight ash but I didn’t expect to check the double shadow to answer so happily and then asked, "Oh? I don’t know if my predecessors want to have a place in the blood of the emperor? "
Hearing this, the double leader and the naked corpse emperor looked at each other for a few times, but they didn’t know what they were communicating with. "I’m afraid I can’t do this. After all, this is the secret of the three of us unless you …"
Don’t wait to check the double shadow to say anything unless Yi Yu quickly stretched out his hand and stopped him. "Don’t say it now that it’s the secret of three predecessors. Yi Yu naturally won’t peek into life. You can’t be too greedy. In fact, I asked SIRS what the emperor’s blood was for, and there was no other meaning. I wanted to estimate how much blood you needed …"
When everyone heard Yi Yuyan, they all breathed a sigh of relief. Although the mouth said it was fierce, whether it was the king or the double-body leader, they were actually unwilling to meet the enemy with each other. However, the double-body leader wanted the imperial blood and Wang Jian Daqin loyal minister had to protect the royal princess, which made both sides have to confront each other and no one had to pull a face to negotiate with each other.
Cha Shuangying smiled slightly. "It takes only one cup, and it will never hurt the princess’s health."
Yi Yu a listen to a cup of relief in the heart andao "fortunately, they don’t want a pot, it seems that today should be a fight" Yi Yu hurriedly laughed "in that case, if you don’t take a step back? Let the princess temple offer some blood and hurt everyone’s kindness. "
Wang Jian listened to this statement and his eyes moved to agree that he wanted a nice step. Yi Yuli carved it and handed it over to a person who knew his eyes. Of course, he didn’t see these moving and falling clouds.
Wang Jian nodded slightly primly. "How can a princess’s body take blood casually?"
Yi Yudao: "You’re surprised. Now that the three predecessors have come to rob the emperor’s blood, there must be something great about it. Your magical power can repel them. But as the saying goes,’ I’m afraid of thieves stealing, but I’m afraid of thieves thinking’ once or twice. Maybe things won’t happen again in the future. If it hurts the princess’s life, wouldn’t it be a great harm! I hope you can persuade the Princess Palace to give some blood in the long run to ensure peace in the future, which will also benefit both sides. "
Yi Yu voice down heard falling clouds smoked folded drink "no! The princess temple … "
Yi Yu’s eyelids suddenly shot out two cold and cold lights, just like staring at the prey mad dog, ruthlessly staring at Zhengda’s yelling beauty.
Luoyunxun was scared and shivered. Although she was a good repairman, she was just a maid-in-waiting. She was used to being obedient to the strong, even after the demise of Daqin. She has been serving the princess for thousands of years. At this time, Yi Yu’s crazy momentum made Luoyunxun have an impulse to be obedient.
Wang Jian smiled in the heart andao "surprisingly, it was copied by this little suit. Although the temperature is still a lot worse, the power is not bad. It is like a spiritual spell to smother the falling clouds." If you want to know the aftermath, please see "The Princess"
The two hundred and fortieth princess
Said this Yi Yu eyes a stare to reveal a pair of bad to ruthlessly sample will fall cloud smoked to get a fright, he made it was just Wang Jian that recruit to him, in fact, Yi Yu would have a spiritual spell, but it’s not as good as Wang Jian’s exquisite. Now, with Wang Jian that recruit to do the sample, he naturally rose a lot according to the gourd painting gourd ladle power, although he had to cooperate with his body expression and momentum, but it was already very rare.
Because of the excessive energy consumption and Yi Yu’s sneak attack against the double-body leader just now, the cloud smoked the road, but after being suppressed for a moment, the cloud smoked quickly and quickly got rid of Yi Yu’s mental suppression and stared at him ruthlessly.
Yi Yu evil evil smile suddenly a wave of his hand to see falling cloud smoked side suddenly flew out of a white light without waiting for her to reflect the moment will fall cloud smoked swallowed Yi Yu looked slightly surprised Wang Jian and the double hierarch and naked emperor laughed "well, now that the opponent is gone, we can discuss a specific how to trade."
"domain?" Wang Jian soon saw the doorway.
Yi Yu laughed and said, "The predecessors of carving insects laughed."
Wang Jian rarely smiles. "Don’t you dare to say that the girl who smokes the clouds is a worm. When she recovers her mana, you will be unlucky!" Speaking of which, Wang Jian said with a slight ash, "No wonder you can be so calm even in the face of us. There are so many helpers who haven’t come out yet! You’re small, but it’s a paradox. "
Yi Yu smiled faintly. "Now that the eyesore is gone, let’s say it straight! You wild speculations, I will pay back the money on the spot … "
"There’s nothing to say about letting our island take blood, so we’ll leave and never entangle ourselves," said the dual-body religion advocate.
Yi Yu looked at her expression. Wang Jian laughed. "I wonder if the double-body leader of Jun said so?"
Wang Jian said lightly, "I will never allow anyone to directly contact the Princess Hall, and I will never let you go to your island. If you insist, there will be nothing to talk about."
Yi Yu laughed. "In this case, the bottom line of Wang Jian’s predecessors has been revealed, that is, the island is not allowed to directly contact the blood of the Princess Palace."
Hearing Yi Yuyan’s double leader’s face changed slightly, and the double shadow was still smiling, and the naked god was still a dead face.
Yi Yu light way "if just check predecessors said not false three predecessors want a cup of blood without any other ideas … Wang Jian predecessors out of these two conditions is not too much, but if the three have any other orders, I’m afraid it’s hard to accept".
At this time, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the double-body leader’s body. Seeing that his face changed a few times, he said, "If you really stack the princess hall, even if you can repel the king today, I’m afraid those old things won’t let it go. If you get rid of the demon-killing leitian, I’m afraid that old pervert will be hard to accept."
Thought of here double leader smiled slightly "good! I’ll wait for him to beg for blood and leave without entanglement! "
Yi Yu took out a small porcelain cup for her daughter’s family to eat wine on weekdays. "In that case, I wonder if the three are satisfied with this cup?" Although it’s a little small, it’s not appropriate to make the Princess Palace too big after all. "
Check double nods "well! This statement is not bad and it should be enough. "
Yi Yu smiled, waved and flashed a white light, and once again appeared in front of everyone with a face of surprised anger and falling clouds.
Falling cloud smoked at a glance saw Yi Yu folded drink a way "little thief! I will fight with you! " He said, and rushed straight at him.
Yi Yu smiled and didn’t resist lightly. "Don’t you care about the Princess Hall?" Although the face was full of unwilling color, the attack finally stopped.
Yi Yu smiled and held up a small cup with a thumb in her hand, saying, "If you want the Princess Palace to give so little blood, you can keep her safe. Today, it’s even over."
Falling clouds smoked a slight ash and looked a little cramped. Wang Jian was obviously looking forward to falling clouds smoked. Wang Jian’s face, which remained unchanged for thousands of years, was also a little red.
Yi Yu hurriedly embarrassed Wang Jian clearance laughed. "Although General Wang Jian is strong, he can’t resist the three of them. When the time comes, two people will hold Wang’s predecessors and the other one is by no means something you can resist."
Falling clouds smoked although also know that Yi Yu is right, but to bleed the princess, she is not willing to fall clouds smoked a grind. "You want to hurt a hair on the princess temple unless you step on my body! If you want princess blood, kill me first! " Said unexpectedly will eyes closed a pair of people kill generous to death.
Yi Yu light say with smile "good! If you are a loyal victim, you will definitely smile when you know it, but what if you die and the princess hall is lonely in the future? "
When I heard Yi Yu’s tears came to the princess, I couldn’t help it anymore. Although she was a servant, even if she lived together day and night for two thousand years, vegetation could give birth to feelings. What’s worse, people!
Yi Yu lightly sighed, "A little blood can’t hurt your life. What will you do?"? There is still a long way to go in the future! "